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Best Makeup On Your Eyes: The Best and the Most Important

Best Makeup On Your Eyes: The Best and the Most Important

The evolution and perfection of the makeup made it become a mere artifice of vanity in complementary accessory and indispensable to personal care.

  • A woman feels confidence if she is making up.
  • In any circumstances of your personal or professional life.

In addition to valuing the features and correcting imperfections, the makeup done correctly provides well-being and self-confidence and this is perceived by the people around you.

It should not be used only on special occasions, but rather as a complement to your personal style.

There is no need to wear a make-up every day that yes can be left for special occasions. On a daily basis you can abuse softer and less elaborate productions. Let’s know now Why we say makeup your eyes is very important for you.

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Your Options for Makeup on your eyes

Never miss the opportunity to stick to your brand. Always be prepared for the situations in which you must “sell” your image and therefore, do not waste this great female prerogative that is the art of makeup. It is your marketing tool and great ally in your brand composition.

When masking the eyes at the top of the eyelashes(found more false eyelashes from pro mink eyelash extensions supplies), we should be careful not to look like the one who punched the eyes because, by leaving very smoky without correctly spreading the eyeliner or pencil, it causes the appearance of bruises. This causes doubts when they look at you if you were beaten or exaggerated in makeup.

The Ideal Options for makeup eyes

The ideal is to pass the shadow first and after passing the pencil or eyeliner, as you prefer, many prefer the pencil for not erasing and be easier to apply, then with the tip of a padded brush back from the outside into the eyes rubbing, as if from the direction of the ear to the nos e.

  • Today, makeup means much more than applying cosmetics on a face in order to give a better look. Makeup has become an indispensable element to improve the personality of the woman, respecting, however, their personal characteristics; Never cancel them.
  • For this, the makeup had to transform into a form of study and evaluation of the face, which gives a new image. The new sense of makeup and the techniques that were used allowed the woman’s face to have a natural look that suits the age and circumstances of each.
  • In this way, the “painted” face was replaced by the face “makeup “. The makeup turns a woman applying colors, shadows, reliefs and depressions, while increasing all parts of the face (eyes, lips, cheekbones and eyebrows).

The Requirements

false eyelashes is one of the important makeup props now

We must not forget that makeup is an art, based on strict norms inherited from artists and painters, who bequeathed us their studies on the proportions of the human body and the face.

In this way and with the help of makeup, the “face” or study of the face and its structure was born. The makeup manages to improve the harmony, the proportions and the balance of the face, giving the woman a look, bright and beautiful, for any age.

Makeup is not masking, covering, but finding a balance of lines in a face and harmony of the whole. We will make two previous basic recommendations before starting makeup .

  • The broker is the tool to correct dark areas on the skin. Usually, these areas are under the eyes and around the lips and nose. To identify these areas, you have the following: in front of a mirror with hair pulled by the head and look directly into the mirror.
  • In this position, it is easier to see where we have dark areas. Once you are sure of where you need a concealer, apply it with a brush or with a makeup sponge. Do not put the broker where you do not need it (unless you’re creating some special effect).


If you have any mud, you can cover it by applying a concealer over the mud. Brokers in pencil form cover more. The broker should have 2 shades lighter than the base. If you have too much pigmentation pink or olive, try the green broker (if green). Green neutralizes the color by covering better. Do not use green in areas you do not need to cover as it will create more shadows.

The important thing is that this shadow is almost transparent. Its function is to add shine and improve eyes. When you do not have time for lipstick, mascara, blush and these shadows will get you out of trouble.