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Tips on how to apply false mink eyelashes

Tips on how to apply false mink eyelashes

Lashes have become an important and mandatory item for makeup among stylish ladies. There are mainly three types of lashes mink, silk and synthetic. The measurement is generally from to 6 to 17 mm. there is semi-permanent glue available in the market that is available in the market and is widely used for making the eyes look broad and beautiful. The glue does not irritate the eyes of the user and is a favorite to the clients who have used it ones. Any beautician who is asked for some professional advice would suggest the use of mink lashes for new users of false eyelashes as they are much easier to be positioned and maintained. The lashes last for almost 1 whole year and if in case there is any damage caused then there is a sure chance of replacement.

Knowing the steps to make use of mink eyelashes

steps for apply mink lashes

The process gets started with applying a fine line of eyeliner and a strip of mascara in your natural eyelash line. You can make use of an easily available mink wink eyelash applicator that helps to pick the original lashes and make your lashes gently get fixed with the marked line.

The setting must be such that it gently allows the part overlapped to fall on the other side of the eyes and getting it trimmed to bring conformity with the length of the eye.

You must know how to use the mink wink applicator efficiently. Applying the glue needs an efficient hand. At least you need to wait for 30 seconds to get it dry up and acquire a suitable position.

how to apply false mink eyelashesThe techniques are quite simple but, the positioning of the chin must be right enough. Mink lashes are applied just a little above the original eyelashes. You must employ an expert to stick your mink eyelashes in the right position with the perfect and right amount glue. The position must be made right before releasing the applicator.

The more expert you are the more you can blend your original and false mink eyelashes. It is very important that the mink lashes must hold the lash line quite well. If required additional glue can be used for fixing it more perfectly.

Knowing the procedures for avoiding unnecessary complication

The professional expert or the beautician must inform the user that during the process the eyes must be shut off. Maintaining the quality of the adhesive or the glue is very important. If there are signs of tears in the eyes then there is a chance of eye irritation and the matter must be considered seriously and the lashes must be removed immediately. Users who are having sensitive eyes must avoid the contact of the mink eyelashes.

mink lashes types

It is found through survey and information gathered from beauty expert’s comments that mink eyelashes are the best options to be chosen be chosen for its fine elegant texture and longevity. The lashes are slightly more expensive than the other eyelashes found in the market. But the quality if much better and are quite safe to be used for long duration.