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Best tips for applying mink lashes

Best tips for applying mink lashes

Putting on eyelashes is one of the important parts of doing the eye makeup. We all love the retro eye look during the previous days and their long lashes with bold eye makeup. Not everyone knows how to put on eyelashes. So if you are not blessed with long lashes then you can definitely buy the mink lashes. There are many ways to apply these lashes to make your eye look more vibrant and make it stay longer for the entire day. So if you are a newbie then this article is going to help you to apply the mink lashes properly.

Ways to put the mink lashes properly

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Previously the fake eyelashes used to look very much artificial. They used to look very much synthetic, theatrical and stiff. But these mink lashes are very much natural looking and flexible. So when you will go to the market for buying this lashes, always opt for the one that is having spaces between each strand and are light. Mink lashes will help you to easily blend the fake ones with the original eyelashes.

When you will buy any kind of fake eyelashes it will be a long strip so it is recommended to cut it into two halves so that you can use them for more than one time. But during cutting these lashes make sure that each of them is having long bristles at the end as well as short bristles at the other end. It will help you to create the doe-eyed and lovely retro look.

It is very much important to shape these mink lashes in order to mold it. You can also use the curler in the beginning and then apply the mascara.

Before sticking these fake ones to your eyelids it is recommended to check the length of the mink lashes with your original lashes. If the length matches then only you should put it in your eyelids. If required then you should also trim them.

In the beginning, you should start with applying a coat of any liquid eyeliner in order to mark the place from where you will start. This will help you to keep the eyelashes behind the eye line and avoid any kind of deviations. You should always do the eyeshadow before applying the mink lashes.

How to apply mink lashes?

When you will be sticking the eyelashes make sure you are applying a generous amount of the Glue to the band of the fake lashes. Before applying it to the eyelid you should wait for few minutes.

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After applying the Mink lashes you should again apply some generous amount of mascara as well as eyeliner to make sure that the false lashes have been covered successfully. If you put some few coats of mascara then it will also hide the fake ones as well as help it to blend with the original ones.

This is a beginning guide to how to put on this mink lashes. When you will start applying it to more times you will learn how to do it quickly. While buying the mink lashes also buy the curler and the right mascara.